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Travelling to Thailand?

Thailand is a destination i am very familiar with, i have visited a lot over past 16 years. First i was over there as a backpacker travelling up and down country on the over night buses/trains from Bangkok to Surathani, going to full moon parties, I have been to the full moon party in Koh Phangan a lot of times, maybe too many lol.

My trips to Thailand are a bit calmer now when myself and my wife visit. Usually its the two of us travelling, i have been there in groups too, its also a great destination for solo travellers, easy to get talking with others.On my Thailand page i will give you some travel guides to places i have been with some tips to help.

Best Time to Visit

In my opinion the best time to visit is between December to April, the Temperature will increase and there will be glorious amounts of sun especially as you get closer to April, With February, March & April been hottest and sunniest. Christmas is a favourite time to visit but be warned its a lot of other peoples too, its busy and flights are more expensive, hotels will be at peak season prices too.

If you want a quieter and cheaper time to visit then June to October would be better, its still going to be very warm and sunny but you will likely get a lot more thundery showers.

For money matters you will find ATMs very easily in all Cities & Towns, usually attached to shops like 7-eleven or mini mart & petrol stations. I consider Thailand to be a safe country for travelling alone or with others, just keep aware of your souroundings like you would at home.

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